2015-02-05 11:50:34
The world is bigger than it’s ever been. Not in the physical sense, but the psychological. Advancements in communications technology – from print, to radio, to television, to the Internet – have made it increasingly easy to follow our interests wherever they take us. By flipping a page, we can travel to any corner of the globe. By changing the channel, we can go from a hockey game in Vancouver to a cricket match in India. By clicking a mouse, we can immerse ourselves in one of countless on [More...]
2014-08-22 15:19:43
Have you heard? The Richmond Community Foundation is collaborating with Volunteer Richmond on a project called Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives. Indeed, we've been working together for well over a year now. But lately, things are really starting to pick up. Which is why we've decided to start a new blog series - Collaboration Chronicles - to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings. From progress reports to major announcements, you'll find it all here. Thanks for reading, and for joining us on [More...]
2014-06-04 17:06:42
A leisurely day on the golf course, followed by a nice meal and some great prizes – all in good company – helped raise close to $40,000 in sponsorships and donations, at the 21st Annual Richmond Community Foundation Golf Tournament. The event, held May 29th at Quilchena Golf & Country Club, was a fundraiser for both the Community Foundation and the Tourism Richmond Endowment Fund, which was established by Tourism Richmond with the Community Foundation in 2010. Once the golf tourn [More...]
2014-05-12 17:06:27
Each year, the Richmond Youth Foundation holds a competition in which teams of high school students with ideas for community projects compete for funding. It’s called Zenith in Action, and this year’s event was held April 6 at the Richmond Arts Centre. Over the next little while, we’ll be posting short profiles of the winning teams, so you can marvel, like we have, at their ingenuity and creativity. Angela Xiao and RJ Gan should be mortal enemies, seeing as how the former goes to Rich [More...]
2014-03-26 17:20:03
How many charity golf tournaments do you think there are? Thousands? Tens of thousands? If you type “charity golf tournament” into Google, you’ll come up with 31 million results. It seems clear that if you want to golf for a good cause, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Why, then, should you golf in support of the Richmond Community Foundation? Why choose our cause? Before we answer that, we should probably tell you that our 21st Annual Golf Tournament is scheduled for Ma [More...]