Grants & Scholarships Overview

Think of a house you’re particularly fond of. It doesn’t have to be your own. It could be one you’ve seen in a magazine or on TV, it could be a mansion or a cottage, it could be located right here in Richmond or half way around the world. Now, what do you admire about that house? The architecture, perhaps. Maybe it has the most amazing kitchen you’ve ever seen. Maybe it has an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean, or a front porch with an incredibly comfortable handmade rocking chair.

Whatever you admire about the house, chances are, you didn’t even think about its foundation. If it’s doing its job, if it’s keeping everything stable, if it’s strong, the foundation is, and should be, an afterthought.

The same is true of the Richmond Community Foundation. We work behind the scenes, in the background, providing financial support to organizations, projects, and people who are far more deserving of the spotlight than we are.

We offer grants to local organizations operating in fields as diverse as arts and culture, social services, sports and fitness, and healthcare. These organizations already possess the ideas, expertise, and motivation to make a significant impact in the community. We simply provide them with the resources to turn their vision into reality.

We also grant scholarships to Richmond students. Access to education, whether academic, technical, or vocational, is integral to a healthy community. We’re here to ensure that everyone, regardless of income, has an opportunity to reach their educational goals.

We relish our role as a community foundation, and as the foundation of our community. But the things that make Richmond such a great place to live – an arts sector that’s vibrant and uniquely multicultural, a comprehensive network of services for children, families, and seniors, a clean environment – we can’t take credit for. It’s the work of others that makes our community shine. We’re just proud to offer our support.

So whether you’re an individual applying for a scholarship, or an organization applying for a grant, know that the spotlight is yours. Go out and make our community one to admire.

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