Community Grant Archive

Since 1990, the Richmond Community Foundation has provided grants to over 80 Richmond organizations that are carrying out important work in our community and helping to improve the quality of life of everyone living in Richmond.

To list all of the grant recipients would require too much time and space, so we have selected just a few of the many happy organizations who have benefited from the support of the Richmond Community Foundation.

BC Special Olympics

The Richmond Community Foundation provided necessary equipment for Richmond Special Olympians, allowing them to train and compete in the Special Olympics.

“We can’t thank the Richmond Community Foundation enough for their support of the BC Special Olympics. BC Special Olympics is so much more than just sport. Individuals who participate in our programs develop self-esteem that transfers to their everyday lives – sport is just a way that we help them do it. Thank you for providing individuals who have a mental disability the opportunity to enhance their lives and celebrate personal achievement through positive sport experiences.”

– Don Howe, Executive Director of BC Special Olympics

Richmond Life & Fire Safety Society

The Richmond Community Foundation provided the funding necessary to purchase an A.E.D. (Automatic External Defibrillator) for the First Responders to the scene of an emergency for the “Hearts A Fire” program.

“Thanks to the Richmond Community Foundation. The Automatic External Defibrillators purchased benefits the entire community of Richmond, in particular, those in the higher risk category for cardiac emergencies.”

– Ron Gaudette, Fire Presentation Inspector

Red Cross Richmond

The Richmond Community Foundation was pleased to support a special Child Abuse, Violence Prevention Training Program.

“Your grant to our Richmond Branch of the Red Cross made it possible to provide over 100 hours of training for local volunteers. The Canadian Red Cross is proud to work with like-minded community organizations like the Richmond Community Foundation who are also committed to creating safe, respectful and nurturing families and communities.”

– Desiree Satler, Program Manager

Richmond Women’s Resource Centre

“Thank you so much to the Richmond Community Foundation. Your generous support gave us the ability to purchase toys, play materials and equipment such as toddler sized furniture and storage for new toys in our location provided by The Caring Place. These items will benefit many women and family groups that need help with daycare or childcare in Richmond.”

Richmond Food Bank Society

“Thank you for your donations to the Richmond Food Bank. Your contributions are so helpful to our efforts to provide year round grocery assistance to low-income families and people in crisis. Although our volunteers serve about 400 households – including almost 350 children – every week, we are encouraged to know that children in low-income families who have sufficient nutritious food can grow and develop normally. We are proud of our ‘feed the body-feed the mind’ nutrition and literacy program for children. Thank you for your help and support to our neighbours in need.”

– Margaret Hewlett, Coordinator

St. Alban’s Church Community Meals Program

“Thank you to the Richmond Community Foundation for their warm support of our project.  The financial help to allow us to buy a commercial dishwasher has made a big difference in the responsibilities of our volunteers as we provide a meal for everyone who needs it. This program has been running for seven years and we estimate that we have served over 30,000 meals to those most in need.”

– Eva Baker, Fundraising Chair

Richmond Community Orchestra & Chorus Association 

The Richmond Community Foundation is pleased to be an ongoing supporter of our Community Orchestra and Chorus. The Community Foundation has provided funding for a number of programs, including the very popular Yi Fei Hu-Beethoven Concert.  The comments that were heard following this concert included:  “Incredible – was that our own orchestra?  I didn’t want the concert to ever end.  Wow!”

Gateway Theatre Society

“Thank you to Richmond Community Foundation for your support and recognizing the importance of this project and what it means both historically and educationally to all residents of Richmond. The Richmond Community Foundation is certainly a LEADER in our community and we thank you for your ongoing support.”

– Lisa Martella, Gateway Theatre Society

Scouts Canada

Richmond Medical Venturers is a special program dealing with youth and public safety.  It also builds community capacity by working with the Richmond School District and other caring community partners. This is definitely a successful program that benefits many residents of Richmond.

Richmond Nature Park Society

The Richmond Community Foundation has provided a number of grants to the Richmond Nature Park Society, including funding for the “Bridging Habitat” project that was used to benefit over 5,000 school children and preschool children, as well as thousands of weekend and holiday visitors.