Richmond Youth Foundation


At the Richmond Community Foundation, we believe that, when provided with the appropriate resources, youth are fully capable of addressing the issues they care about. Insufficient funding should never be the reason why a great initiative fails to prosper. And it never will be the reason, thanks to the Richmond Youth Foundation.

As the youth branch of the Richmond Community Foundation, the Richmond Youth Foundation funds community projects that benefit youth, either as the project organizers or beneficiaries.

The money for grants comes from the Richmond Youth Foundation’s endowment fund – an account its members have built through their own fundraising efforts and donated capital. Youth leaders are encouraged to submit proposals for positive community initiatives they would like to carry out in Richmond.

The Richmond Youth Foundation is all about clear and simple granting. Its application process makes it easy for youth to share their ideas, and get funding sooner than they would by seeking corporate sponsorship.

The Richmond Youth Foundation also acts as a hub for youth philanthropy in Richmond, connecting young people with a variety of local non-profit organizations who may have common philanthropic interests.

When youth are engaged, when they receive the necessary support, when they are given a voice, they can contribute so much to their community. The Richmond Youth Foundation provides clear and inspiring proof.

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