Neighbourhood Small Grants


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When Vancouver Foundation named us as a partner in their Neighbourhood Small Grants program, we were ecstatic. The announcement was made in the Spring of 2014, about a year after we’d signed our collaborative agreement with Volunteer Richmond. Indeed, when we applied to bring the Neighbourhood Small Grants program to our community, we did so as Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives. And that’s a big reason why we’re so excited: Neighbourhood Small Grants is the first program the Community Foundation and Volunteer Richmond have offered together, as part of our collaborative initiative.

So just what are Neighbourhood Small Grants? Funded by Vancouver Foundation, the grants are available in 17 communities throughout the Lower Mainland. They’re administered by local community partners, of which Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives is one. What makes them unique is their size, and to whom they’re awarded. The grants can be anywhere from $50 to $1,000, and are given not to organizations, but to individuals, who use the funds to complete small community projects – anything from urban gardens to block parties to art exhibits and workshops. As diverse as the projects are, they all share the same goal: to build connections within neighbourhoods and between neighbours.

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In Richmond, we awarded our first set of grants in the Fall of 2014. A Resident Advisory Committee, comprised of local volunteers from all walks of life, was tasked with reviewing over 20 applications. After much deliberation, they ultimately decided on 11 projects that would receive funding. You can read about some of them below:

Meeting Our Neighbours: A Block Party in Terra Nova
Community Block Party at South Arm Park
An Evening of Sensory Play
Sensory Workshop with Educators
Welcoming Winter: A Block Party at Springs

Our experience so far with Neighbourhood Small Grants has been amazing – from working with Vancouver Foundation and the Resident Advisory Committee, to watching so many creative and innovative community projects move from idea to reality in just a few short months.

And it’s all happening again in 2015! Our application period ended April 16, with – we’re very pleased to say – even more submissions than last year. Projects will be taking place throughout the spring, summer, and fall, so be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities to participate!


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